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Regular Reports from our Campaign Teams

If you’re wondering what we’re up to, or thinking about getting more involved, here is a regular round-up from our campaign teams (we’ll have a few copies available at our monthly general meeting).   Each team...


Sheffield Climate Alliance minutes

SCA minutes 2017-03-21 March SCA minutes 2017-02-21 Feb SCA Minutes 2017-01-17 Jan sca-minutes-2016-11-15-nov sca-minutes-2016-09-16-sept sca-minutes-2016-08-16-august SCA minutes 2016-07-19 July SCA Minutes 2016-06-21 June SCA minutes 2016-04-19 April SCA Minutes Mar 2016 SCA Minutes Feb 2016 SCA...


Papers for 2016 AGM of SCACC

treasurers-report-1-9-15-to-31-8-16 (4 page finance report – print this yourself if you wish to have it) scacc-agm-2016-papers-v4 (Includes 2015 minutes, and agenda, nomination statements for committee, activities report and short finance report – 4 pages...