Building our movement: It’s Time to Act!

On March 7th, two months before the election, we will take to the streets of London in a creative mass action. We will set out clearly what must happen now to cut emissions and build a better future. No more half-hearted promises: It’s Time to Act on Climate Change.

This is a crucial time for involving more people in action on climate change, to ensure discussion during the election campaign and to push the media and politicians in advance of UN talks in Paris 2015 and beyond.

Now is our opportunity to mobilise for this mass creative action – our theme is climate jobs, ending massive inequality, and solidarity for the least well-off in the UK and around the world.  We want your help to creatively communicate these themes.

We want to book people onto a train from Sheffield in order to take as many people as possible to London for this event in style and be able to gather at Malet Street, WC1E

1. Please talk about this creative action in your meetings and mobilise your friends and colleagues to join in.

2. Can you consider booking a group onto the train to help us fill a carriage of around 70 seats?
3. Your own creative ideas are very welcome so join our planning meetings which will be at the regular SCA meetings on 3rd Tuesday in the month, Dec 16th, Jan 20th, Feb 17th
4. Invite us to attend your meetings and explain more about the event and about the Sheffield Climate Alliance campaigns
5. Invite your contacts to the Facebook event page to build the actionThe People’s Climate March on 21 September 2014 mobilised 400 people in Sheffield, 40,000 people in London and 400,000 people in New York. The film ‘Disruption’ shows the mobilisation for New York – get inspired!