Divestment petition handed to South Yorkshire Pension Authority

SCA was invited to attend the South Yorkshire Pension Authority’s Board meeting on 3rd December to  hand over the petition asking for members’ funds to be invested ethically and divested from fossil fuels.  The Fund’s Board (opens in new tab) comprises Councillors from the 4 metropolitan boroughs and trade union representatives.

Three SCA activists attended, Kate Stott, Joan Miller and Sean Ashton. Arriving early gave an opportunity for the chattier amongst them to say hello to some of the Board members informally. The petition was the first item on the agenda and Kate was allowed to speak for 5 minutes to explain who SCA is and describe why we believe the board should consider divestment as a serious option. There were no questions about the petition from the Councillors present although two did speak out in a supportive way, stressing the risks posed by climate change.

We look forward to the letter responding to our petition and await publication of the minutes.

We are still collecting signatures online so please sign (opens in new tab) if you have a pension managed by SYPA. We need to keep the pressure up.

Janet Paske has proposed a Motion to Unison City of Sheffield Local Govt Branch (pdf opens in new tab, Word version) which we hope will be heard at the AGM in March. If you’re a union member, you’re welcome to use this as the start of a motion for your branch.

Stay posted!