Why do we need economic justice for climate justice?

The Leap Manifesto is behind an unashamedly radical plan to convert the world to 100% renewable energy, fast – in line with what many scientists are telling us we must do, and engineers are telling us we now can do. But more than that, the manifesto, originating in Canada, is saying that, in the process of radical change to make the world ‘greener’, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it much fairer. 

We need change fast, and the leap year in 2016 is a powerful illustration of how sometimes human society has to adjust its systems to fit in with the physical realities of our planet. So in Sheffield, we want to bring together all those concerned for social and economic justice and rights, to talk about how to create climate justice. Come to our debate about how we can make the leap.

We want our movement to learn from feminists, trade unionists, Black activists, and all those fighting for equality and justice. Inequalities and lack of power are driving the climate crisis, putting us all at risk, but deepest and soonest those who have done least to create the problem, and whose knowledge presents the best hope for a safe future. Get in touch if you would like to join this conversation and create our own leap!