The film that changes everything…

‘This Changes Everything’ is the film of Naomi Klein’s book, exploring frontline resistance around the world to fossil fuel extraction. In the face of corporate power, we need a powerful movement to tackle the entwined challenges of equity, environment and economy – and this film shows how we can build it.

We’re looking forward to showing the film to a big audience again in Sheffield (our friends at People and Planet showed it in November). Would your organisation like to host the film with us? Sign up on Facebook to see the film with us or look out for more details here!

Coming from ideas in the book, the Leap Manifesto in Canada has brought together a broad movement to create real change for economic justice and climate justice – now, as Naomi Klein explains here, the idea is going worldwide, and in the UK we are organising around ‘The People’s Demands’. Don’t miss our special debate in May – “Why we need economic justice for climate justice – and how can we make the leap?” – hosted by SCA as part of the Festival of Debate.