What’s the future for Sheffield?

This post is dedicated to our friend and colleague, Ian Wallace – sadly no longer with us, but his vision of decent and affordable (OK, free!) public transport lives on with us.
This week, Sheffield’s Green Commitment is published by the Green Commission, who last year heard expert evidence and deliberated about how to make Sheffield a sustainable city. We at SCA are delighted by the bold vision set out – combining the economy, how people get around, our green environment, and the culture and skills we need to develop. “To change everything we need everyone” has been said before and in the case of the Sheffield Green Commitment there will only be success if leaders emerge to take responsibility from across “civil society” – including businesses, families and all our public institutions. We’d like every person who reads this to consider consciously becoming a leader of Sheffield’s response to the climate crisis, within whichever sphere they can. Please respond to the Green Commitment by Friday 6 May using the ‘Civic Space’ on the Council’s website.
Our SCA big vision for Sheffield remains the one many of you signed up to in last autumn’s petition for Warm Homes, Good Jobs and Safe Pensions. This vision is not just for “the environment” but addresses some of the most serious social issues identified in last week’s State of Sheffield 2016 report. It would bring 25,000 Sheffield households out of fuel poverty and into affordable warmth, provide local, meaningful employment and skills for thousands more people, and make our city fit for the future by investing locally in insulation, cycle paths, buses, renewable energy and bio-diverse green places to walk and play. It would move our pension investments away from digging up fossil fuels and spend them on these changes which would in turn save money for the NHS, reduce our energy bills and improve mental health and wellbeing in our city. We have submitted these ideas as a response to the Sheffield City Region vision.
Sheffield is not alone in facing this challenge – cities round the world are where the climate battle will be won or lost, and many are forging ahead with great plans. Our region wants to be in the forefront, and this Saturday 27 Feb in Leeds the Zero Carbon Yorkshire programme will take its first steps to creating an innovative plan for Yorkshire and the Humber to be the first zero-carbon region – it’s not too late to sign up and join in this exciting event! 
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