A mountain to climb

This Saturday 12th March the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival features a filmshow and debate in memorial of Ben Winston, a Sheffield-based photographer, film-maker and climber, who died suddenly last year. Ben had last summer made a film ‘Take back the Power’ about fossil fuel divestment and the Ende Gelände action at Germany’s biggest opencast lignite coalmine. Ben wrote movingly about his experiences at Ende Gelände in his blog, exploring his questions about how to communicate the urgency of climate change and inspire wide action. The debate at the Showroom will feature an SCA favourite – Prof Kevin Anderson from the Tyndall Centre in Manchester.

This May, there will be a wave of direct action around the world to stop fossil fuels. Sheffield Climate Alliance is organising to support these actions by informing people and bringing them together to act. We invite you to get involved in whatever way you can – either, as one activist in Ben’s film says, “by putting your body in the way”, or as part of an informed mass of background supporters who will be publicising, writing, talking, donating time and money to help things happen and the message reach the widest public in a meaningful way. Details of events and transport will appear here soon.

We live in dangerous times, most dangerous for indigenous people defending their lands and the rights of nature. We are deeply saddened by the death of Berta Cáceres, Honduran human rights and environmental activist, murdered at home last week, after living under threat for her continued stand for justice and peace. We all have a mountain to climb, and we go forward in the hope inspired by people like Berta and Ben.