No fracking here

We’re celebrating the formation of local anti-fracking groups throughout South Yorkshire! Whatever is needed to stop fracking – from letters to Councillors, talking to neighbours, to stopping drills, these folk seem up for it! Here are the contact details for your local group – they’d love you to get involved…

Sheffield against Fracking (SAF) – have a lovely website at and meet regularly in a city-centre pub, and have an active Facebook group here

Frack Free Dearne Valley (FFDV) – this group showed the film Voices from the Gasfields in March with lots of discussion afterwards, and there will be a planning meeting to follow up. Find their Facebook page here.

No Fracking in Barnsley (NoFIB) – Wow! Barnsley have really hit the ground running with a great website, a film show and a petition… and of course are on Facebook and Twitter @NoFrackingBarnsley.

Plus we have rumours coming in of groups in Doncaster and Misson, we’ll keep you posted!

Good old Frack Free South Yorkshire are still around to keep us all in order, and have started a ‘Do Your Street’ campaign – tackle as many homes as you wish, chatting to neighbours and providing information about fracking – contact doyourstreet [at] if you want to get involved. Join their Facebook group here.

Congratulations from SCA to the massed anti-frackers of South Yorkshire – if there are any forming groups out there who’d like some help to run an event locally, please get in touch!