What’s happening at Drax?

Drax is the UK’s largest coal-fired power station, and has been partially converted to burn wood – it burns more wood than the UK produces each year!

The AxeDrax campaign wants Drax, the largest single emitter of CO2 in the UK, to lose its government subsidies and be shut down.  There will be a public demonstration outside Drax on Saturday 22nd October – find out more here, there’s even a lift-share option!

Here at Sheffield Climate Alliance we are very concerned about public subsidies and loans being spent to keep open such unsustainable infrastructure, when the money is desperately needed to ensure a real transition from fossil fuels to truly renewable energy. Part of the answer here is ‘negawatts’ – saving the energy we otherwise waste each year though leaky buildings and inefficient transport and manufacturing.

Research has shown that Sheffield region could save £1 billion of energy  every year, through targeted investment using existing technologies with a quick payback – insulating homes, helping small businesses understand energy saving and making it easier to get around by bus or bike. We want the Drax (and other high-energy sector) employees to be protected in the move to clean energy – and to use their skills and knowledge to help design that essential shift.

So we hope you’ll join us to hear more about the AxeDrax campaign at our AGM, and for a peaceful and colourful protest at Drax on Saturday 22nd October!