All we want for Christmas is real climate action…

One year on from the Paris Climate Agreement, the North Pole is looking soggy and Santa is looking glum. To cheer him up, let’s make it clear to our leaders what needs to happen, and give them our support to get on with it quickly. On Saturday 10 December we’ll be busy creating beautiful greetings cards for our Sheffield MPs, to say all we want for Christmas is REAL climate action!

Here’s some ideas we’ve had for messages to our MPs:

  • By 2030 we need all UK homes to be zero-carbon – this means building great new homes that use no energy (really!) and retrofitting all the old ones with insulation and draught-proofing so good that you barely notice the bills
  • We need all cars to be electric and able to be powered by renewable electricity. The Internal Combustion Engine is so last century! We need these cars to be affordable and easy to charge during your journey.
  • But we also want excellent public transport that makes it easy to leave your car at home much of the time, combined with attractive routes and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists – e.g. safe road crossings, bus shelters, bike parking and trams and trains that carry bikes.
  • We need to make use of our GREATEST renewable energy source – the sea around Britain’s shores. Lots more wind-power – and wave energy and tidal flow energy need developing too. And we’re saying NO to fracking, it’s a dead end.
  • Everything needs to be set up to make saving energy the best option – e.g.  A++ appliances are cheaper; it’s easier to get a mortgage for a low-energy home; bus and train tickets are cheap and easy to buy.
  • We want the food on our plates to be climate-friendly too! Schools and hospitals can lead the way with more veg, local purchasing, and avoiding factory-farmed meat. We need all shops to offer affordable climate-friendly options, and we need strict regulation of intensive farming practices.

Come and join us and add your message – MPs have told us they need to hear from lots of people to get climate higher up their agenda… If you’d like to help on our stall for a couple of hours, just get in touch with what times you could help: 10.30am-12.30pm, 12.30-2.30pm, or 2.30-4.30pm.