Sheffield Climate Alliance minutes

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SCA Main meeting Minutes May 2019 final – coming soon

SCA Main meeting Minutes March 2019 final 

SCA main meeting minutes January 2019

(No December meeting held)

SCA main meeting minutes November 2018

SCACC AGM in October 2018 – minutes to be uploaded at the end of January.

SCA main September meeting minutes 2018

SCA informal notes for August 2018 (social)

SCA main July meeting 2018 final version

SCA minutes 2018-06-19

SCA minutes 2018-05-15

SCA meeting minutes for January and February 2018

SCA Minutes final Dec 2017

(AGM was in October 2017, George Marshall event to replace November 2017 meeting)

SCA meeting 2017-09-19 Sept final version

SCA meeting 2017-08-15 (informal AP)

SCA Minutes 2017-07-18 July 

SCA minutes 2017-06-20 June

SCA Minutes 2017-05-16 May

SCA minutes 2017-04-18 April

SCA minutes 2017-03-21 March

SCA minutes 2017-02-21 Feb

SCA Minutes 2017-01-17 Jan




SCA minutes 2016-07-19 July

SCA Minutes 2016-06-21 June

SCA minutes 2016-04-19 April

SCA Minutes Mar 2016

SCA Minutes Feb 2016

SCA Notes Jan 16 ‘What next after Paris?’

SCA minutes 2015-12-15 December

SCA minutes Nov 2015

SCA minutes Sept 2015

SCA minutes August 2015

SCA Minutes July 2015

SCA minutes June 2015 

SCA minutes May 2015 – shareAction meeting

SCA minutes May 2015

SCA minutes April 2015

SCA minutes March 2015