Ask your election candidates about fracking and climate change!

The General Election on 8th June is hugely important for action on climate change, and for getting fracking banned. Sheffield Climate Alliance wants to see these issues discussed widely and to ensure that voters are well-informed about what the different parties and candidates are saying. MPs and candidates will respond to their constituents, so we have produced suggestions for a letter you can send. And here’s another helpful resource: the Greener Jobs Alliance’s Top 10 election demands.

Here’s the plan:

  • download our suggested text and use it to write your own letter
  • email it or post it to your sitting MP (you can check who this is and what constituency on
  • or you can send it to all candidates for your constituency who have been announced, or a selection you prefer
  • when you get a reply, forward it to SCA on info[at]sheffieldclimatealliance[dot]net
  • we will be publishing selected responses in the Sheffield Telegraph on ‘The Big Challenge’ page and talking about the manifestos on Sheffield Live! radio.
  • please also pass this idea on to your friends in the area – especially in areas immediately threatened by fracking!

If you would be interested in holding a ‘hustings’ (public meeting with the different candidates) in your constituency, let us know if we can help!