Doc / Fest Feast!

Sheffield Doc/Fest are showing a selection of films that we feel that would be of particular interest to anyone interested in climate change and the different aspects of it. Most of the films are shown twice, once in the day and once in the evening to hopefully give everyone a chance to see them. Remember, if you’re interested in seeing 12 or more films from the festival, you can buy a ‘Doc/Lover wristband’ that can save you money. All the films within the programme qualify for the ‘Sheffield Doc/Fest Audience Awards’, so if you see one you really enjoy look out for the Doc/Fest crew for a voting slip and vote for it!

Here are the list of films:

A River Below – Directed by Mark Grieco. It follows a TV star and a renowned marine biologist as they each attempt to save the Amazon pink river dolphin from being hunted to extinction.

Sun 11 June @ 18.30 Showroom Screen 2 + Q&A
Tue 13 June @ 15.30 Curzon Screen 1

Chasing Coral (+ AR) – Directed by Jeff Orlowski. Orlowski investigates why coral reefs are vanishing at an unprecedented rate.

Mon 12 June @ 18.15 Bertha DocHouse Showroom 4 + Q&A
Tue 13 June @ 09.30 Showroom Screen 2

Thank You for the Rain – Directed by Julia Dahr. Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer and environmental activist, started to use his camera to capture the damages of climate change.

Sat 10 June @ 21.15 Showroom Screen 2
Tue 13 June @ 09.45 The Light Screen 3

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas – Directed by Joakim Demmer. An investigation into land grabbing and its impact on people’s lives. Pursuing the truth, we meet investors, development bureaucrats, persecuted journalists, struggling environmentalists and evicted farmers deprived of their land.

Mon 12 June @ 15.15 Showroom Screen 2 + Q&A

The Last Animals – Directed by Kate Brooks. Follow Brooks as she drills in on the poaching business, connecting the relationship between market, terrorism, and environmental catastrophe.

Sat 10 June @ 18:00 Showroom 1 + Q&A

Trophy – Directed by Shaul Schqarz. A documentary exploring how hunters and conservationists use unorthodox strategies to reverse the catastrophic decline in wild animals.

Sun 11 June @ 14:45 Bertha DocHouse Showroom 4 + Discussion
Wed 14 June @ 9:30 Showroom 2

Carnage – Swallowing the Past. Directed by Simon Amstell. A mockumentary that is set in the future where Britain has turned to veganism but the citizens reminisce their dark meat-eating past.

Tue 13 June @ 21:00 PBS America Showroom 3
Wed 14 June @ 15:00 PBS America Showroom 3

Oink – Directed by Angus Macqueen. We travel from China to Brooklyn to Wiltshire, exploring man’s confusing relationship to the world around us.

Tue 13 June @ 11:45 PBS American Showroom 3 + Q&A