The new situation with Bramleymoor Lane – objections need to be resubmitted!

Planning Appn Objection Letter (2nd Appn) Objection Proforma Marsh Lane (2nd Appn)

The information below comes directly from Bob Street, Coal Aston and Dronfield Against Fracking;

As you may or may not be aware, INEOS have filed a new Planning Application with Derbyshire County Council  for exploratory drilling at Bramleymoor Lane. This new Application is substantially the same as the existing one filed in May 2017. Why have they done this? Apparently it is not uncommon practice, and its main intention is to test whether the Council can process the Application within the 13 weeks which is the normal time limit for most Planning Applications. So what does this mean for us in Coal Aston & Dronfield Against Fracking? I have been in touch with the Planning Dept at DCC today and this is what I have learned.

1) This fresh Application will be processed virtually as a brand-new Application, and objections and other responses to this Application will be considered when the Council makes its decision. The Planning Dept team may well draw the Committee’s attention to all the representations made in response to the original Application but they would only be “taken into account” by the Committee rather than considered as actual responses to this new Application.

2) As a result of the above, when the second Application is considered by the Planning Committee, objections to the first Application would not carry the same weight as would fresh objections to the second Application. IT IS IMPORTANT THEREFORE THAT WE ALL FILE NEW OBJECTIONS TO THE SECOND APPLICATION. Obviously, the more objections are filed on the second Application the longer it will take for the Council to process it all…

3) As I write, there is no deadline for filing objections to the new Application. However, the deadline will be set at 21 days after statutory publication of the Notice of Application; and according to the DCC they are intending this Notice to appear in this Thursday’s edition of Derbyshire Times, which would mean the DEADLINE WOULD BE THURSDAY 1 FEBRARY. Keep an eye out on the DCC webpage for details:

4) For all of us who filed objections to the first Application, there is no reason why we should not re-submit the same identical objections to this second Application. If you didn’t keep a copy, don’t worry, I’m attaching copies of our suggested objections on the grounds of access, light pollution, noise, air pollution, traffic etc. You can send in multiple objections if you wish, but please try to make them personal to you.

5) If we don’t get our objections in, it increases the possibility that the second Application might be granted; in which case, INEOS might even withdraw their appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, thus denying us a full Public Enquiry. SO WE NEED TO GET MOVING AGAIN AND GET AS MANY OBJECTIONS IN AS POSSIBLE, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

You can send in Objections by email to: or by post to: Planning Dept, Derbyshire County Council, County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG.  All objections must quote “Planning Application in respect of land adjacent to Bramleymoor Lane, near Marsh Lane” and the Application number which is CM4/1217/72. You must also start your letter by saying you wish to object to the Application, and conclude by saying “I respectfully ask the Council to reject this Application.”

6) None of this prevents you from sending in Objections to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the Appeal which INEOS filed last month.

Please, please get your Objections in as soon as you can …. Coal Aston and Dronfield are counting on you! Thank you all for your support.

All the best,