Come and ‘Show The Love’ with us!

The Climate Coalition have their annual ‘Show The Love’ season happening between Tuesday 6th and Thursday 15th February 2018. For our contribution, we will be having a small stall at The Moor Markets, right in the heart of the indoor market next to the Customer Services desk on Saturday 10th February, 10am to 3pm. We’d like to see as many of you as possible coming along to  write a message to your local MP (or your local councillor, if you would prefer) telling them what you care about and why you need to protect it from the risk of climate change. 

So what do you care about? It could be your family, friends or neighbours, your community, wildlife, ancient woodlands, the oceans, marine life, your neighbourhood or even my favourite – protecting crops of the coffee and cocoa bean! Whatever you want to see continue in the best thriving environment possible, do tell your MP and make it clear it’s important to you. It only takes 5 minutes to write a message on one of our coloured ‘squares’, which will then be added to a big Valentines card to send to your MP. Don’t be afraid to ‘Speak Up’!

If you can’t make the stall on the day, but want to still get involved in ‘Show The Love’, you can read more about the campaign and action ideas here  and also play the ‘Spin The Love’ game here