Woodsetts needs your help!

INEOS have submitted a second planning application to build a shale gas exploratory well on the western outskirts of the village. All objections made to the first application will not count against this application.

The exploratory well could be here for up to five years and at peak levels this will involve 60 HGV movements through the centre of the village per day, the installation of a 60m drilling rig approx. two-thirds the height of Big Ben, and the operation of the industrial facility 24/7 producing noise and light pollution. This work is intended to identify whether there is sufficient shale gas in the area to move forward to full fracking, which is already licenced by the government for a further 25 years following the construction of an industrial-scale extraction facility. To stop this happening, we must stop this planning application being approved.

Woodsetts Against Fracking need as many people as possible to object to the planning application, to give us the best chance of stopping it. Go to the WAF website here and follow the instructions on how to complete the form. Update; objections can now be submitted up until the day of the planning board meeting so try to get them in by 5th September, and one can be done by each member of your household.

​Committee member Chris Broome has often written letters of objections for SCA on various matters and this subject is no exception. However, it doesn’t stop individuals also putting in objections – every objection counts so please act today.