Fracking consultation ends 25th October

The government is proposing massive changes to planning rules that could give the fracking industry a green light to cover swathes of the country in drills.

If these changes went ahead, fracking companies could start drilling across the country without local planning applications, threatening communities and the climate in the process. This flies in the face of local democracy and threatens to slash community involvement in decision-making. We can’t allow fracking to be forced on communities, and our current climate target highlighted by the recent IPCC report to be moved even further away.

‘Permitted Development’ – the category of planning that the government wants to move drilling into – was designed for sheds, fences and other minor home improvements. The idea that it would be used to force through an industry with such wide-reaching implications is simply unacceptable.

The deadline for the consultation is 11.45pm on Thursday 25th October. Most groups, including Sheffield Climate Alliance, have either submitted their responses or are finishing these up to submit in time. However, submissions from individuals are also welcome. Find the Government consultation link here which includes the different methods to respond. You may also find it helpful to read information on the ‘Let Communities Decide’ website which you can also find here.