Climate Emergency Declared

Last night, Sheffield became the largest council in the UK to declare a Climate Emergency. The vast majority of the council (minus one UKIP councillor) agreed that we are in a ‘Climate Emergency’ and that councillors want to work together on cross party action. As Paul Scriven said ‘This goes beyond party politics’. There was also agreement across party lines that we need to dramatically strengthen our targets.

THIS IS AMAZING! We’ve been campaigning on these issues for years in Sheffield and this is the most significant development we have ever seen.

We will be using the Climate Emergency Declaration to encourage everyone in the council (and other parts of the city) to reflect on what they can do to turn this into action. Citizens and institutions such as the universities need to be actively involved to make the vision of a carbon neutral Sheffield a reality.

As Jack Scott said during the debate ‘A fairer, greener city is better for all of us’.