‘How to Break The Silence on Environmental Collapse’

On Thursday 16th May at 7pm, two different and equally engaging communicators will be sitting down to discuss how we should continue to bring climate change to the world’s attention, with a chance for the audience to to join in the conversation. George Marshall is the founder of ‘Climate Outreach’ and author of ‘Don’t Even Think About It’; Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change’. Mina Jaff is an activist and Northern Co-ordinator for ‘Extinction Rebellion’.

This event was originally to features George Monbiot, however he has had to pull out due to recovering from major surgery. On his Twitter feed, George says he is recovering well and has also given this statement on the planned event:

“George Marshall is one of the most interesting people alive, buzzing with new ideas and perspective on how to address our existential crises. Bringing his thinking together with the thrilling work of Extinction Rebellion promises to make this a great event.

“I’m extremely sorry to have to cancel at such short notice – I’ll be recovering from major surgery following post-surgical complications.”

We very much hope you will still attend what looks to be a lively and informed discussion about activism and communication in the face of climate collapse. The event will take place at the SU Auditorium, Sheffield Students Union Western Bank, S10 2TG. For more information and to secure your ticket, please click on the ‘Festival of Debate’ event page here