About Us

Sheffield Climate Alliance is an alliance of local organisations and individuals who are pressing for fair and effective action to tackle climate change.

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm. While social distancing remains in place, we are meeting via Zoom. Join our mailing list to get the zoom links and find out what’s going on.

To get involved, drop us a line, join our mailing list, get your organisation involved or come down to one of our events.

What is SCA doing?

We are currently campaigning to stop more extraction of fossil fuels and instead switch investment to making our homes and city more energy-saving, bringing thousands of useful jobs. We know that people in Sheffield have stories of how climate change is affecting communities around the globe and we want to hear and publicise your stories.

Climate justice is central, so we are connecting to others building a movement for a fairer world. Food is an important area of our lives with strong links to climate change, read more about this here. We can even help you to write to your MP and let them know it’s ‘Time to Act!’

Take a look at our growing list of Members to see which organisations are part of the alliance.

Relationships with National Organisations

SCA affiliates to the national Campaign Against Climate Change (CaCC). SCA was previously known as SCACC (Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change).

The Campaign against Climate Change is a member of the Climate Coalition.  SCA is also a member of the Coalition, in our own right. The Coalition comprises over 100 organisations.