Global Day of Action to Climate and Employment Proof our Work

Climate change know no borders, and neither does solidarity. That’s why in 2020 the International Trades Union Council (ITUC) is asking for your support to help ‘Climate and Employment Proof our Work’ (#CEPOW).

This year we know that jobs and employment are serious concerns for people, that’s why we need to have the conversation about both climate and employment.

Workers around the world will invite their employers to share a conversation to discuss the plans for resilience and sustainable business — safety, jobs, emissions, a secure pathway for the future. That’s the strength of leadership needed from all of us.

Download the campaign guide here, and take these 4 steps to join in:

1) Sign up

Sign up  here  to show your interest in climate- and employment-proofing your work and get updates about the Global Day of Action.

2) Tell the ITUC about your job.

Send them a photo of you at work at home, in your office, or out on the job, and tell us what you do.

Let them know if are worried about climate change affecting your job.

3) Ask to talk to your employer, a local business or someone from your local or national government on 24 June.

Let the ITUC know if you ask for a meeting, and they’ll keep a tally of all places around the world taking part in the Global Day of Action. Your meeting can be in person or a virtual meeting using an online platform like Skype, Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom.Share a poster on social media, or stick a poster in your window at home or in your workplace, to show that you’re taking part in the Global Day of Action.

4) Tell the ITUC how it went. Share a photo of yourself in person, or a virtual meeting and the highlights of what was discussed.