‘Heal this Land’ – Open Floor dance benefit

“HEAL THIS LAND” – a wonderful December re-charge: chance to dance with the land of our body, the land of our hearts and souls, while raising money to benefit the Sapara Tribe in the Amazon. All profit goes to these inspiring people who walk with heart and need help to keep their land, their culture from oil digging.
On this day workshop:
wm-save-the-earthLETS DANCE together to heal this land~ The land of our body ~ the land of our hearts and souls ~ The land, this Earth which provides us with our home, here on this planet. The land, air, water we all share, truly.
Saturday December 5 at 10.30am-4pm. Open Floor Movement. Half day or Full day options, give generously as the money will go directly to the Sapara Folks and you can benefit from dancing as a giveaway this December. To book send cheque to Sarah Blagg – for address details please email Sarah on breathedanceart (at) gmail (dot) com.
For full day, £35. Cost for half day is £18 minimum for 10.30am-1pm. Please give generously.
This is the last workshop offering before Sarah’s maternity leave.  Any and all profit will be taken to the Amazon Sapara People directly by Yaacov and Susannah Darling Khan (these are the folks who introduced me to Manari, one of the Sapara tribe leaders).