Hen Harrier Day (National)

An online national event hosted by Hen Harrier Action, a registered charity whose aim is to help protect the birds and other animals of the uplands, in particular the hen harrier and other raptors, by raising public awareness of wildlife crime and other issues related to use of the uplands for shooting. Normally our local Hen Harrier Day is organised by Sheffield Environmental but due to Covid-19 there will be no local Hen Harrier Days in 2020. Find out more about the National online event  Here.

Hen Harrier Action say this about the hen harrier, their symbol

“Hen Harrier Action wants to see nature flourishing again on our uplands. The scourge of driven grouse shooting still dominates vast tracts of our uplands, reducing them to a barren waste where you will be lucky to see any wildlife other than a red grouse. Mammals are systematically trapped and killed, raptors routinely subject to illegal persecution. The hen harrier, a rare and beautiful raptor, which has the misfortune to include grouse in its diet, is perhaps the most persecuted bird in the UK and so we have adopted it as the symbol of our campaign.”

Sheffield Environmental explain the link with Climate Change

Every year vast areas of the British uplands are burned ….[to manage the land for grouse].. which has a massive impact on the vegetation. This burning prevents the growth of sphagnum moss, which is vital for capturing rainwater, preventing flooding downriver in periods of high rainfall, but also for locking away carbon in peat. The uplands of the UK hold vast amounts of carbon which in the form of peat has been locked away by the life cycle of sphagnum moss.​ However the cycle of burning and grazing means that much of this internationally important peat is breaking down through drying out, being washed down hillsides into the rivers and releasing carbon back into the atmosphere.​ Something has to change in our uplands.”