Joint AGM of Solar Active & Recovery Insulation

The joint AGM of Schools and Homes Energy Education Project/Solar Active and Recovery Insulation will take place on Wednesday 27th June at Howard 5531, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University. Entitled, ‘Let There Be Darkness’, the format will be as follows;

  • 6 to 6.15pm – Refreshments, viewing of raffle prizes and purchase of raffle tickets. List of prizes on website: and
  • 6.30pm – AGM
  • 6.35-8.45pm – Presentations: Influence of Light on Health & Wellbeing;
  • Knowledge transfer and understanding (technical and +/- effects) of artificial (LED’s) and natural lighting systems. Sleep, flowering plants, road safety, urban tree care and planting, landscape design and healthy and environmentally responsible street lighting.
  • Presentations to provide information for people to gain understanding of their perceptions of their lighting needs; and what actions they are willing to take to improve their home, work and local lighting requirements.
  • Workshop sessions of 30”+ to discuss Q&A from presentations.
  • Panel Debate
  • Raffle to end with. 

For any queries, please email David at