Merazonia: ‘Jungle Groove Charity Festival’

Merazonia is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and monitoring centre within 250 acres of rainforest where the Andean mountains meet the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador. Merazonia rescues animals who have been victim of the illegal pet trade and deforestation. Merazonia cares for a wide variety of animals including primates, felines, parrots, otters, sloths and many others. Their aim is to get them back to the wild as soon as possible. 

The Jungle Groove Charity Festival will take place in Hathersage and feature live music, talks, stalls, delicious food and much more. Tickets are available to book online and in addition to the actual festival, Merazonia volunteer Megan Birch is raising funds through her online GoFundMe campaign ‘Help Save Ecuador’s Amazing Wildlife’. All proceeds from both ‘Jungle Groove Charity Festival’ and online fundraiser ‘Help Save Ecuador’s Amazing Wildlife’ will benefit Merazonia directly. To find out more, you can click on the website here and the fundraiser link here.