Time to Act! Rally in London

Sheffield Climate Alliance will join thousands of others in London on Saturday 7th March 2015 see http://www.timetoact2015.org

Every day more people are waking up to climate change. What scientists predicted decades ago is happening right now. And we have little time left to avert catastrophe. But those in power have not yet woken up, or are unwilling to act.

On 7th March, two months before the UK General Election, we will be taking to the streets of London in a creative mass action, telling the story of climate change: from the causes (fossil fuels and investment in them), the consequences (for food and water, for example) and the solutions (renewable energy, climate jobs, better transport). Following imaginative actions to highlight these, we will all assemble for a mass wake-up call – Time to Act!

Our demands:

  • From delay to action: 10% emissions cuts year on year, creating at least one million climate jobs.
  • From fracking and fossil fuels to renewable energy for all our needs.
  • From cold homes and energy waste to insulation for all.
  • From exploitation to climate justice: UK support for a just international climate deal.

To get involved in making artworks, singing songs and planning our day, contact us on the contact form or join our Facebook event!