Youth Strike for Climate – Public Planning Meeting

20th Sept 2019 – YS4C leaflet for everyone

On the 20th September the UK Student Climate Network is calling on everyone – adults, workers, community groups, trade unionists, nurses, teachers, steel workers, car manufacturers, waiters and others to join us in a global day of action. We will be joining people all around the world in what is set to be a massive day of action – a Global strike day for the Climate. We have chance to deliver a clear message for climate justice just 3 days before the UN emergency climate summit on the 23rd of September. 

Sheffield TUC, along with Sheffield Climate Alliance, Campaign Against Climate Change, and XR Sheffield, have got together to give support to the school students striking for the climate on the 20th September – and we think Trade Union branches and their members should do the same! Trade Unions have a direct interest in climate action. As Sharon Burrow (then Gen Sec of the TUC)
said “There are no Jobs on a Dead Planet!”.There is a climate emergency, which is one of the most pressing issues facing us all. If we don’t reduce carbon emissions and get global temperature rises to below +1.5C – then irreversible climate damage will affect life as we know it on our planet. Trade Unions need to be at the heart of the debate on the greening of our economy, so that no one is left behind as we transform to a carbon-free future. We need a ‘Just Transition’ where workers in dirty energy and manufacturing are transferred to clean jobs in the new green industries.

We know not everyone can go ‘on strike’ on the day, but there are many ways you can show your support: join the march and rally in  Sheffield city centre in your lunch break (bring banners if you can), wear ‘matching’ clothing in your workplace, hold a rally outside your own workplace, send messages of support to the young students via the TUC at The plans so far are for people to start assembling at Devonshire Green at 11am where there will also be banner making taking place, the march will start at 12pm and then a rally will take place at 1 to 3pm at City Hall/Barkers Pool.

A public planning meeting will take place on Tuesday 3rd September from 7pm onwards at Quaker Meeting House. All are welcome to attend and there will be more materials to be given out at this meeting.