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Here are some of the lovely local organisations that make up Sheffield Climate Alliance’s membership and our wider network of allies.

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Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change

SCACC started out in 2005, and has always acted as an umbrella organisation for different groups to come together to campaign in Sheffield on climate change. Since 2011 SCACC has hosted Sheffield Climate Alliance by co-ordinating meetings, holding funds and developing communication resources. You can visit the original SCACC website to learn about the history of climate campaigning in Sheffield. We won’t be updating that site further now. You can get in touch with the SCACC committee at news[at]sheffieldclimatealliance[dot]net. 

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Regather Co-operative

Regather is a trading co-op with a mission to give people the choice and opportunity to live, work and play co-operatively and create a mutual local economy.  Regather was a founder member of SCA and has particularly supported our web communications.

Transition Sheffield
In 2007 Transition Sheffield formed to enable Sheffield people to come together around practical work to support community responses to climate change and austerity.
Transition Sheffield was active for about 10 years and was a founder member of Sheffield Climate Alliance but ultimately much effort and people diverged into other useful projects and Transition Sheffield closed down.  The website has been archived and remains a source of links to other excellent projects across the region.


Sheffield Friends of the Earth

Sheffield Friends of the Earth local group is made up of people from all walks of life who share a common concerSheffieldFOEn for the state of the planet and a desire to do something about it. A long-term participant in Sheffield Climate Alliance with whom we have jointly organised campaigns and events. 

Climate Communications Hub

The Climate Communications Hub is a supportive and enjoyable meeting place for people exploring climate communications projects, whether small or large. It’s a working group of the Carbon Neutral University Network and operates in association with Sheffield Climate Alliance.

Sheffield Against Fracking

Affiliated with SCA, SAF is a community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas and oil extraction, particularly hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’). SAF is non-political and not-for-profit. The group welcome all members of the Sheffield community and surrounding area.

Frack Free South Yorkshire

Frack Free South Yorkshire is a single issue community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas and oil extraction, often referred to as extreme energy. It is non political and welcome all members of our communities in the South Yorkshire Region and beyond.

Sheffield Renewables

Sheffield Renewables is a community and a social enterprise that develops, funds, builds, owns and operates renewable energy schemes, run by and for local people. Any surplus money is re-invested to support local sustainability.

Sheffield Trades Union Council

Sheffield Trade Union Council is the city’s local TUC, bringing together trade union branches and their members from across all sectors across Sheffield. We are sometimes also known as Sheffield Trades Council.Established in 1858 Sheffield Trade Union Council is the oldest in the country. It’s maintained its tradition of being a progressive voice for trade unions and working people right up to this day – including vocal support for the climate action movement.

Opus Independents

A long time supporter and friend to SCA, Opus champions social causes, independent business, not-for-profits, emerging talent and healthy debate. Since 2008, the social enterprise has run projects like Now Then Magazine, Wordlife and Festival of Debate, which connect citizens to each other and to music, arts, culture, ideas, action and conversations that will make change.

Hope For The Future

Hope For The Future’s vision is to see communities and their elected representatives across the UK come together to take decisive action on climate change. The Sheffield-based organisation have a proven track record engaging even the most reluctant of MPs, with 100% of the MPs they work with going on to take at least one tangible climate-related action.

Sheffield Environmental

Sheffield Environmental is a local group focussed on conservation and natural environment, organisating Sheffield-affilated events as part of Hen Harrier Day and advocating for more conscientious and humane use of our land.

Burngreave Clean Air Campaign

Burngreave Clean Air Campaign works in the Burngreave area of Sheffield to make local people aware of the effects of air pollution and what they can do to reduce it themselves. The group also addresses these concerns to local politicians, schools and organisations which could reduce local air pollution. It monitor nitrogen dioxide at five sites in the area. Burngreave Clean Air Campaign on Facebook