Members Information on member organisations of the SCA

Here are some of the lovely local organisations that make up Sheffield Climate Alliance – to get your organisation involved, please sign up on our mailing list and drop us a line!

Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change

SCACC started out in 2005, and has always acted as an umbrella organisation for different groups to come together to campaign in Sheffield on climate change. Since 2011 SCACC has hosted Sheffield Climate Alliance by co-ordinating meetings, holding funds and developing communication resources. You can visit the original SCACC website to learn about the history of climate campaigning in Sheffield – we won’t be updating that site further now. You can get in touch with the SCACC committee at info[at]sheffieldclimatealliance[dot]net. 

Regather Trading Coop logo

Regather Co-operative

Regather is a trading co-op with a mission to give people the choice and opportunity to live, work and play co-operatively and create a mutual local economy.  Regather was a founder member of SCA and has particularly supported our web communications.


Sheffield Friends of the Earth

Sheffield Friends of the Earth local group is made up of people from all walks of life who share a common concerSheffieldFOEn for the state of the planet and a desire to do something about it. A long-term participant in Sheffield Climate Alliance with whom we have jointly organised campaigns and events. 

Transition Sheffield
In 2007 Transition Sheffield formed to enable Sheffield people to come together around practical work to support community responses to climate change and austerity.
Transition Sheffield was active for about 10 years and was a founder member of Sheffield Climate Alliance but ultimately much effort and people diverged into other useful projects and Transition Sheffield closed down.  The website has been archived, and remains a source of links to other excellent projects across the region.